The Musical


Elle León ens dibuixa emocions plàcides i alhora punyents amb la seva veu i ens embolcalla amb unes melodies que ens fan sentir com si de cop només aquest moment importés.
De múltiples qualitats artístiques, la cantautora Irlandesa va decidir emprendre el vol i allunyar-se de la seva Irlanda per guanyar perspectiva i poder explicar les anècdotes viscudes des de la casa que ha trobat a Barcelona.
Després d’aparèixer amb el seu EP debut “Heart to Hearts” (2020, Punto G Label), que la va portar a tocar per Barcelona i Irlanda, aquest 2022 torna plena d’inspiració per a presentar el seu primer LP “The Musical” (2022, El Jardí Amagat/Bankrobber).
En aquest disc, l’artista pren inspiració i referències no només musicals, sinó del teatre i la poesia per mostrar les seves cartes mostrant una Elle León més brillant, felina i confiada, que ens fa ballar amb tornades addictives i arranjaments instrumentals fets amb bon gust. Destaca també, per la honestedat amb si mateixa que confessa en cançons compostes i gravades ella sola amb el piano.
És dins aquest musical on apareixen i es barregen múltiples personatges que Elle ha anat creant i l’han fet arribar a conclusions i inquietuds abans amagades. Algunes més valentes, tendres o exagerades; les que no demanen permís i les que si.
Si alguna vegada t’has emocionat escoltant a Alice Phoebe Lou, CMAT, Stella Donelly o Faye Webster aquest àlbum és per a tu.
Per a aquest projecte, Elle León ha comptat amb la producció de Víctor Valiente (Standstill, Mi Capitán), creant un àlbum que experimenta amb diversos sons del pop-rock amb tocs teatrals; un espai idíl·lic on la veu es fon plàcidament amb l’instrumentació.
En directe, Elle León connecta per la seva sinceritat, ens convida a moments íntims i després ens fa ballar i riure. Acompanyada per Guillem Torà a la guitarra elèctrica, Narr Eph al baix, Dani Arias a la bateria i Albert Lax als teclats, veus i guitarra acústica. El grup ofereix un show divertit, atrevit i madur. El pop en la seva versió més elegant, més charming.


All songs written by Elle León
Recorded at La Masia Music Lab
Produced by Víctor Valiente and Elle León
Engineered by Josep Vilagut
Mixed by Jose González
Mastered at Vacuum Mastering by Javier Roldón
*Somewhere Down The Line recorded at La Atlántida Estudio by Jose González

Elle León: Vocals, electric guitar, piano
Xavi Molero: Drums, percussion
Narr Eph: Bass
Guillem Torà: Electric guitar, lap steel on Best Moves
Sergi Zaragoza: Keys
Víctor Valiente: Synths, keys
Albert Lax: Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Mirlo: Electric guitar on Conclusions

Cover credits:
Photography by Mariana Stankevich
Design by Patricia Atzur

BR170/EJA002 / 2022

  • Chills

    I’ve got the kind of chills I would like to send
    to the hairs on the back of your neck
    When I’m home, when I’m home
    What you want won’t always be so set in stone

  • End Of An Era

    End of an era
    How nice of you to let me in
    After the heat was dialed down
    And the walls were wearing thin
    I say my piece and head outside as a woman of her word
    The kind of wisdom that goes unnoticed but heaven knows you’re understood
    Heaven knows you’re understood
    End of an era
    It was long just watching from the sides
    Seems I had trouble with holding back
    And not trying hard enough to try
    But sure, life is insecure
    When you’re sleeping on the floor
    With all you’ve waited for,
    You’ll always ask for more
    How could I let this wait in its origin of damage?
    It was easier to take it out on you
    Yeah but who’s got the guts today to find
    Relief from all that’s happened
    ‘Cause it’s easier than going a different route
    Into something new

  • Pedestal

    Looking down from that pedestal I saw in a dream
    I tilt my head to find its balance
    I ask myself if it’s a long-term thing
    And ‘what is life without a challenge?’
    and why I’m not much of a dancer no more,
    but I’ll jump at the chance like before
    To be free enough to fail and be up and running again
    Could have sworn I wasn’t gonna pull this shit no more;
    Would it even make a difference?
    ‘Cause two-by-two is how we manage to slip away
    From all outside of common interest
    Now I’m back at it
    Gonna take a second trip
    To see what hides beneath the rug
    With all the strings I’ve pulled for this
    For this
    For this
    For this
    I don’t wanna go back to the things that were said in the heat of the moment
    Oh I...
    Should have watched my mouth
    I don’t wanna go back to the things that were said in the heat of the moment

  • Best Moves

    Waiting it out, I’m much at loss of my play on words
    However nice it was to sing your praise
    Been floating around above middle ground between a vital stage
    And bridges that mark the border of now and that first Sunday morning feeling
    What a Sunday morning feeling
    What a Sunday morning feeling
    Doing my best as a silent worker on the case
    I save the best move for last
    Oh but take it all in,
    What you want won’t always be so set in stone
    How ‘bout a dose of impulse for the summer’s longest evening?
    It’s the summer’s longest evening
    It’s the summer’s longest evening
    Fighting off all expectations before they’re set in stone
    I plan on saving the best move for last

  • Night Talk

    There’s something on the rise
    You’ve heard this all before
    There’s something on the rise to forgive and forget
    Night Talker takes the stage and tells me not to
    Tone it down,
    Not to understate the way
    I know just how to put you off
    Maybe I take more than I should
    Night talkin’s blown some steam
    You’re up against your lover’s walls
    Wasn’t it a sweeter deal looking forward
    With the lights turned off?
    But I misplaced the pleasure to become the party
    You’ve got to entertain yourself
    When something’s on the rise
    ‘Cause how am I to live with that?
    There’s something on the rise to forgive and forget
    Maybe I take more than I should
    Couldn’t always get my way but I knew just how to feel put out
    By blind mistake
    The pressure to become the party will have to entertain itself
    There’s something on the rise
    And how am I to live with that?
    There’s something on the rise to forgive and forget

  • Conclusions

    A closer contradiction of taking my time
    Will fit a loose description of static and wild
    Thinking about my mother when she was my age
    On the surface, I trust like a child
    And everybody’s easily lead
    We’ll have that conversation another last time
    I’ll come to your conclusions and you’ll never ask mine
    You’ll never ask mine
    You’ll never ask mine
    Should I lose another
    Should I lose another
    Should I lose another day
    Washing sunlight off my face?
    Running out of purpose I rush by design
    To where your body’s easily lead
    We’ll have that conversation another last time
    Why come to your conclusions if you never ask mine?
    You never ask mine
    You never ask mine
    For as long as you curse,
    It could always be worse in this coming-of-age
    Force of habit but I knew my truth
    Was all I could have laid
    ‘Cause I’ve always lived like this,
    Without thinking ahead
    ‘Til harvest is over there’s little to show
    For the money that I make and throw away
    How long can you live like this
    Without thinking ahead?
    ‘Til harvest is over there’s little to talk about
    But money that you make and throw away

    You never ask mine, never ask...

  • Nobody H8s U (Ur Just Paranoid)

    All this perseverance has emphasised
    And all this love has lured an acknowledgement in
    I thought I’d only have to go and raise my voice as a last resort
    but don’t hold any promises down,
    Depending on the day that was had
    Confiscated takes on truth
    Have seen this ultimatum through
    But there’s a certain part of you that screams you’re on to me
    Open up your fantasies
    Why’d I always have to go and raise my voice ‘stead of steering clear
    Of good reasons to be heard? Oh
    And it’s underrated to cut loose
    Might save ourselves from the seclusion nananana
    Think nothing of it ‘cause nobody hates you,
    You’re just paranoid
    Oh, oh, oh...
    The will to compromise
    The need to satisfy
    But that’s not to justify
    This kickin’ off!

  • For Some Greater Good

    Took a step back from the pushing
    And making the initial approach
    I’ll try just to stay in the moment,
    Put into practice just what everyone knows
    But few would have told me
    That love’s not a competition
    I made the most peculiar scenes
    Caught myself out I was fishing
    For any compliment I wouldn’t believe
    Well isn’t that something
    It’s nothing worth fighting
    It’s nothing worth fighting
    When I hurt myself, I’m hurting you
    It’s nothing worth fighting
    It’s nothing worth fighting
    When I hurt myself in hurting you
    Went to the place I imagine
    When things don’t go according to plan
    But I always stay where my heart is,
    Although sometimes it needs my Mam and my Dad
    And all of those faces
    I drink to us young, down the valley,
    Glad to see the end of the year
    ‘Cause I won’t be home over Christmas
    Oh but I’ll make the most of what I got here
    And think of you fondly
    ‘Cause I’m not afraid if our love ever changes
    I know it’s all for some greater good
    It’s all in the music that we play to get us through the cold
    It’s all in the music that we play to get us through the cold

  • The Bigger Picture

    The upper hand reaching down again
    Lashing out as intuition
    Understand there are two ways to have it all
    If you see the bigger picture
    I had to keep my wits about me
    Taking that walk home
    I like to keep my chin up
    While you’re staring at your phone
    Although I’ll provide the space for you to settle down,
    I’m not half the girl to sit still
    ‘Cause life is magic!
    Life’s not safe!
    You need to play around
    You need to see the bigger picture!
    You’d want to keep your wits about you
    Be tasteful with your tone
    I like to see your chin up
    But you’re staring at your phone!
    There’s no way it’s gonna be
    Too close for comfort in a plan b
    The world is speaking in waves this month
    Paraded trained realities
    Wander wild in all what might have been
    The world is speaking in waves this...
    I had to keep my wits about me
    And take the long way home
    And try to string my thoughts together
    While they’re staring at their phones

  • Proscenium

    Letting go

  • Walking It Off

    Head to the wall
    Not at all what was asked for
    Turn that old look to how good we’ve got it here
    Walking it off, I knew it was uncalled for,
    Took to the ground by the sound of
    ‘It’s up to you’
    There’s nothing out of our hands
    There’s nothing out of our hands
    Souls don’t decide
    Why should I be obliged to?
    Keep that in mind while I lay there
    Beside you tonight
    I could only comfort you in ways
    That time is lost in time it took to say
    ‘There’s nothing out of our hands’
    There’s nothing out of our hands

  • Somewhere Down The Line

    Here goes
    Closing chapters
    Not like I’ve given up or hardly tried
    I’m writing all about it,
    Marked the pages
    For when I’m out of focus or out of line
    Or get this feeling again
    In come
    Those pre-staged reminders
    Of someone like yourself who will understand
    On top of all the countless things I can’t change
    I felt a force directed at those I can
    And gave perspective a try
    Everyone around me is a work of art
    Although we all could surely do with a brand new start
    Somewhere down the line
    Everything’s gonna be fine
    When we get our hope’s up
    Letting all this out’s laid me bare enough to play the part
    Of anyone who’s worked their way into someone’s heart
    Who’ll know that somewhere down the line,
    Somewhere down the line,
    People get our hopes up