Jaume: veu i guitarres
Paco: guitarres i veus
Richie: teclats i veus
Pep: baix
Toni: bateria i percussió

Totes les cançons escrites i produïdes per Holland Park.
Gravat i mesclat a Paracetamol Studios entre el segle XX i el XXI.
Masteritzat a Sound Mastering (Londres)
Cançons publicades per Bankrobber

Fotografia: Jordi Geli
Disseny gràfic: Entresuelo Siete

Agraïments: a les famílies i als amics, Myriam, Judit, Bombjack, Debaser, Sanjosex, Komando Moriles, El Chico, Salva, Psychoine, Lazy Sundays, Jaime Parkinson, Jordi Llenas, Carlus, Marçal, J. Pi, Xavier, Cesc Gay, Figa, Sisu, Jesús Hernández, Sayols, Xavi Salvà, Marta Esteban, Laia, Jordi, Oscar, Entresuelo Siete i Enric Granados 34.

Be young, be foolish, be happy!


Nota de premsa original (2002)

Holland Park és una banda de rock’n’roll que toca música pop. Juguen a l’estil Cruyff: Control de pilota, futbol ofensiu i cap pèl a la llengua. Per ells només existeix un dogma, robtat d’un single de The Tams: Be young, be foolish, be happy!.

Ara que predominen els grups de so homogeni i reconeixible, Holland Park respon amb un trencaclosques on cap de les peces sembla encaixar amb la precedent. Miraculosament, es complementen. Welcome to Holland Park es una crònica de la música de les últimes quatre dècades, tot i que sense lloc per la nostàlgia.

S’atreveixen amb la psicodèlia, el power pop i el punk, y i no els importa provar-se la disfressa breakbeat que Bombjack ha disenyat per End of a summer. La seva marca de fàbrica es troba en les harmonies vocals, presents fins i tot en les peces més elèctriques. Escolteu Radio Girl o Colombo, dedicada al detectiu mediàtic.

A més del seu disc de debut a BankRobber, Holland Park compta en la seva discografia amb un single d’edició limitada per Houston Party Records. I dues de les seves cançons van aparèixer a la BSO de la pel•lícula Kràmpack, de Cesc Gay.



End of a summer

Lazy old sun hide your face away
summer is ending I know it today
why should I stay?
clouds are in my mind
skies loose their power
faces don't shine
meet me on sunday I'll be around

Here my days are over I must come back
feelings don't have a seat in my old car
Before I take my way
there is something I've got to find
the secret of the summer
the secret of your smile
meet me on sunday I'll be around

I've got a scarecrow body and his hat
all this weather makes me feel so sad

While I leave you I'm feeling so down
I must do it I have to go out
meet me on sunday I'll be around

Radio girl

Radio girl has a teenage boyfriend
she needs to stay near a telephone
radio girl has money to spend
she needs to chew a chewing gum

Dance, dance Radio girl - your mother waits for you
dance, dance Radio girl - don't break the spell

Her mother smokes all the day
she sings the same old tune
while her daughter and her boy Ray
dance naked in a blue room

Someone spies you Radio girl
someone who loves you Radio girl
someone who hides his love for you
someone more dangerous than you

I'm looking for a hunter

We're going wrong I can see the storm
you'll end up like Taxi driver there will be no survivor
Your pen doesn't write but your life seems allright
someone is ready to attack so man don't look back

I'm looking for a hunter
I'm waiting for a fever
that sails along the river
I'm looking for a hunter
he waits around the corner.

Your body under the rain, and your daughter Jane
are waiting but you don't know it, are praying but you don't know it
so look for a hiding place 'cos here they come the best last days
don't forget your friends anyway that's what the hunter will say

Here comes a hunter
here comes your lover
here comes your angel
fever in the river

World of child

She is an unhappy girl, lost and silly girl who doesn't know it
she sees you and I near suicide - she doesn't know me
I'm not thinking about her

Have you seen her during the day, a shiny shiny day - it's over thirteen
did you note her rabbit tooth, her little chicken foot, her big seal moanings
I'm not thinking about her

Two boys play the game of stupid lies
two boys going nowhere but their simple world of child

I only pray for rock'n'roll

She was a spy, she was a lie, who is the catcher in the rye
over stone, over straw, she never dances on the first floor
sound of a steel, sound of a wheel, tell me babe how do you feel
think about you, think about youth, please Jesus give me some truth

I only pray for Rock'n'roll
She likes to write my rise and fall
I only pray for Rock'n'roll
She always turns me on

I'm in the road loving your bones, who wants to buy my pretty load
I wanna kiss a new disease, please babe get up off your knees
playing your game, using my brain, we like to look at falling rain
eating a ball, Cindy is tall, I don't believe in Satin Doll

She loves her suitcase

It's a big jump, it's a big fun, tell me babe do you think am I dumb?
During the day everybody says I'll give you my love if you can pray
Buying a shirt, buying a skirt I wanna be like this white bird
Don't be fool, it's a swimming pool, do you think my lamb needs wool.

Light from a star

She loves her little white room
and doesn't think about breaking some rules
she is happy with medicines everywhere
strange light and white underwear

She can see the sun shining over the sea
a lamp over a table is another dream
I can't tell you if it's white or blue
but it's reflected in your swimming pool

Light from a star
she is waiting for light from a star
crazy, lazy - you're not the only one

She drives her car to the end
and doesn't remember who are her friends
parts of her life are everywhere
strange light and white underwear

She loves her little white bed
the last sensation is around her neck
She doesn't know anything about another place
and she is ready to feel the light in her face

Hollywood sun

What about you and your big troubles
you spend all day feeding up animals
what about the big star and her beautiful dreams
are you still thinking you're the next big thing

You left your town in a yellow bus
but I think you'll be back you'll be back for worst
angel or devil who do you think you are?
none of them can be a superstar

Hollywood sun - but I can't swim
Hollywood sun - alone in the street
Hollywood sun - give me some money honey
give me some words to say to the world

Oh boy I wanna go to all the places
Oh boy kiss my pretty sunglasses
You were sending kisses to the rest of the world
and now you're waiting for a little role

Oh my black sun shine your last days
I am the one - every night she prays
Hollywood sun - give me some money honey
Give me some words to say to the world


I don't want your love, I don't want your friendship
I don't want the stars above, I don't want a magic trip
You know so well, you know I'm hungry
forget about your spell, all I want is one thing

I still need your blue swimsuit

I don't want a girl, I don't wanna be happy
I have my love on sale, I'm not an ordinary thief
believe me now hide my big obsession
hear, my baby, hear this sound I worship for my possession

I hate you

Fifty-seven needles prick my brain
please wheel stop to turn
I run over broken glasses over hot steel
I am very tired and I cannot sleep

Oh no the snake will eat us
oh no the snake will eat us
I walk for three hours looking for a bus
I hate you

I'm talking, I'm screaming 'cos I'll miss next train
I'm drinking and I'm falling, I hear it coming again
Spiders don't let me go to the station
I can see the train from the gates of the nation

Bees sting me all night
bees sting me all night
they steal my honey and give it to the sons of the snake
I hate you

Psychedelic harpsichord

Hello I'm in the garden of the blue fruits
and organ sound comes like sleep comes tonight
under a big tree full of strawberries there's a psychedelic harpsichord
that somebody wants to play, somebody behind the door

I sit down to play it and a recorder is next to me
a mother tells a story to her daughter Emily
a sitar perfumes the grass and the song of the rain
while sound is part of landscape

A star shines over me - psychedelic harpsichord
A star shines over you
She is in a room waiting for a train
A star shines over you

I'm near a big tree to catch something to eat
far away bells are calling for the honey party
clocks are everywhere but there is no time
and people say good morning all the way


You can see him with his grey old car
but his black eyes always go so far
If you think that you play with us take a look
to this man who sees beyond the books
in your private game of chess remember he is the best

You believe that you are very wise
joking all the time about his wife
if you think you're only the killer now you're wrong
you will be the victim of the boss
maybe soon or maybe late, you can't fight against your fate

All that he wants to do is to beset
you're inside the TV and upset
sitting in a sofa I fix my eyes on you
fear in your face, different point of view
of this old hard working guy with his raincoat and his tie

Sonic man

In a room full of pain there's a man and he is working
he didn't sleep during the week 'cos he doesn't write anything
somebody wants to help him but he has to work alone
words and music around him, but he won't write
'cos he can't understand what's a sonic man

Like a mirror on the wall he can see but he can't talk
and he is carrying eighteen roses he let loose all his forces
sonic man

He dies every second while the answer is coming
maybe he needs to feel this pain to be a sonic man in the morning
suicide is around him, a new song is around too
words and music around him, and now he writes
'cos he understands what's a sonic man

He sees the light with sunglasses and a tie everyday

Now he's writing all the time and this phrase is not a rhyme
he is eating eighteen roses, he let loose all his forces
sonic man



Radio girl